Ebuywigs Human hair wig dyeing precautions.

You can do anything with a hair wig made of human hair. This includes hair coloring, cutting, heat setting and chemical treatment of human hair. Many woven wearer dyed wigs perfectly match their skin tone. Things to remember when dyeing human hair wigs:


First carry out the chain test. Even if you can dye your wig, you should first test how they will handle the coloring process. Mix the dye as indicated and apply it to a small strand or part of the hair. Record the final result before continuing to dye the rest of the hair.


Experts advise you not to try to dye non-Remy hair weave. These wigs are chemically treated to strip the lines to the weakest state. They are usually not enough to stain.


It may take several applications to lighten your wig. To dye a black wig into gold or light brown, you must first strip off the natural color of the hair. Then you must bleach the hair to the desired shade. This may try to get the correct color more than once. As usual, first do a chain test to avoid the head full of orange locks.


Just as strong chemicals can strip and damage your natural hair, irritating chemicals can also damage your hair wigs and cannot be repaired. The Remy hair braid has a complete stratum corneum. The outer layer of this line gives the hair a natural glow and body. Using a chemical dye that is too strong for the hair can remove the stratum corneum, making your stretch weak, dull and fragile.


ebuywigs Remy hair wigs are available in a variety of colors. Full lace wig and 360 lace front wig, you can change your color instantly and quickly.

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