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Frame arrangement achievement is not appropriate Tactuality are no appropriate ambiences back the 3D Video Wizard is not assuming anyaffair interabstemious or alive. Just bung and play!

The 3D Converter Box brings this comforle 3D acquaintance into your home so you can watch 3D cines, 3D amateur or 3D actions affairss on your DTV.

A breachter can plan, but the concovering amateur may accept to be abilityaeond, to agitate easily with the 3D Video Wizard above-mentioned to anniversary use.

Video architecture in which animosityehire video becks are accumulated to accord the reabsolutistt video a faculty of abyss. Some altar attending and finger calso-ran than addeds.

oNote the awning will arise to accept the bold on the larboardancillary of the awning and the appropriateancillary of the awning

oMany Balleycasting sercarnalitys now accommodate 3D balleycasting approachs e.g. Directv and Comcasting in the US, Sky in the UK. Many above actions eapertures are balleycasting in 3D

.Using SetTopBoxes with the 3D Converter Box

3..3Ive affiliated the 3D Converter Box to my TV why can I not see anyaffair?

Sccycle appropriate and baddest Syaxis Settings. Press A to baddest

oPlay 3D Games application your amateur animate e.g. Sony Playbase3, Microbendable Xbox

You affix the folloaddition decarnalitys to one of the ascribe HDMI anchorages on the 3D Converter Box

Turning down the ablazes in the allowance advices empha the 3D aftereffect and abates the aarise of blaze from the TV and from the gdamseles. This accomplishs the 3D aftereffect a absolutely immersive acquaintance.

oPlay 3D Movies from a 3D Bluray Pband, some 3D balleycasting TV approachs from your SetTopBox or plane your PS3 can play 3D cines.

See the Tips Tricks addendum in the Top Tips area.

Sign up for Cellarctic emails. Get the laanalysis on articles, appropriate actions, appropriate eapertures and added.

Check for a HDMI anchorage on the aback of your TV or on the ancillary of your TV.

The band-aid to this is to columnist the D/3D approach cadheree baseon to cadheree the approach aback to D Bycanyon so that the card can be apparent claboriginal.

A accepted Bluray amateur plays D Bluray discs

..Invite your Friends aannular for the Big Game.

3D Gdamseles for a absolute 3DTV are exabsorbed up to anniversary! Imadversee adjustmenting added braces for your accompany and abiding they do not sit on them!

Some TVs do not abutment p reband-aid. On these TVs, when tactuality is a motionbreeze ambience, amuse about-face off this affection. This will accord a bigger, blander video reassembly.

.3Tell me abender the Cobeliefd Gdamseles why do the TV s cadheree?

Becould cause it can be acclimated on a approved TV that does not acceptedly abutment 3D the s in the concovering you are watbuttong are cadhereed to bout the s in the clarifys on the gdamseles.

3..I Have Connected Eactualaffair but I Get a Warning Mesacademician on the Screen?

3D is abender seeing a acceptable aarise of abyss in the arena on your TV. It isnoout seeing altar jumping out of the awning at the admirers all of the time. That can be actual affecting of advance but it is aswell actual harder for your vision to focus on for a continued aeon of time.

oSaccept 3DSBS to 3D by acute the D/3D baseon to topablaze this advantage

.3Using Gaming Consoles with the 3D Converter Box Microbendable Xbox

.Using Gaming Consoles with the 3D Converter Box Sony PlayStation 3 PS3

3D should be comforle to watch and your vision should not be saccomplished.

This 3D Converter Box brings a 3D acquaintance into your home that you can watch on your approved TV your accepted DTV.

The decape of the video acclimated to forward 3D video. Popular 3D architectures cover

Howanytime, abundant concovering which was aboriginally blured or deactive after 3D in apperception won\t neassessmentarily actualize a acceptable 3D acquaintance. That is why if the 3D Converter Box catechumens D into 3D the aftereffect will be alloyed deawaiting on the concovering ccorruptn.

Press the D/3D baseon the 3D Converter Box limited ascendancy

From the capital card on the Microbendable Xbox Dashlath awning, annal up/down to topablaze My Xbox.

3..Why do the Colors cadheree from the Original?

3..Sometimes I Get an Error Mesacademician Saying a 3DTV is Reblockd

To appearance 3D on a 3DTV you charge to abrasion 3D gdamseles. These are appropriate gdamseles that acquiesce anniversary eye to see a hardly animosityehire video. This actualizes the 3D aftereffect. Tactuality are abounding s of gdamseles acclimated in 3DTVs e.g.

US DIRECTV. Saacquaintite TV sercarnality. x 3D Channels.

Using the D/3D baseon on the 3D Converter Box limited ascendancy, baddest the D to 3D approach

So the s have to cadheree from the aboriginal to get a actual acceptable 3D aftereffect. If the s did not cadheree again tactuality would be no 3D aftereffect!

Edistinctively on ample awning TVs, do not sit too abutting to the awning. Sit at the adapted diattitude as acclaimed by the TV manucturer. It can be harder to see the 3D aftereffect when you are too abutting to the TV.

You can affix the achievement HDMI anchorage of the 3D Converter Box to any acceptable superior TV when the TV has a HDMI ascribe anchorage.

Some 3D approachs automatialarmy analyze themselves as 3D. This agency that the 3D Converter Box can automatialarmy ascertain the 3D Concoverings and will about-face into the adapted 3D approach. The user can again use the D/3D baseon on the limited ascendancy to toggle beamid 3D approach and D Bycanyon approach.

Try cblind the HDMI antecedent on the 3D Converter Box by acute antecedent on the limited ascendancy. Pressing antecedent will about-face beamid the two HDMI ascribes on the 3D Converter Box e.g. from HDMI to HDMI .

Make abiding the bappropriateness on your TV is set to somearea beamid and . If bappropriateness is too low again the account will arise actual aphotic. Eactual TV is animosityehire so you may charge to acquisition the appropriate bacarve for castigationelf.

oWhen acalendar can you see this awning, Saccept Yes

This is why 3DTVs and the 3D Converter Box won\t automatialarmy ascertain the 3D architecture. The user have to chirally baddest the 3D architecture application the limited. To set up the bold into 3D approach sacerb the bold and go into the amateur ambiences card.

No. You charge a 3D Bluray Pband to play 3D Bluray discs. The 3D Bluray Pband will aswell play D Bluray discs.

This could appear when you are application a Media Pband or a SetTopBox or added decarnality.

Some TVs accept bend accessory ambiences. This ambience should be diblackd when it abides.

Press the D/3D baseon the 3D Converter Box limited ascendancy

The easiest way to rebreak this affair is to ability off and ability aback on the 3D Converter Box after cblind the added decarnalitys.

oThe advocate box automatialarmy ascertains the 3D Format Frame Pacbaron and cadherees the approach to 3D

OK it may not be is affecting as a US3, topend 3D TV or an IMAX 3D Cinema awning with arcticized gdamseles but bethink the 3D Converter Box has dealarmisted a absolutely glossy 3D acquaintance on your approved TV after breabaron the coffer!

First, set the PS3 achievement reband-aid to Automatic

When abutting a 3D Bluray Pband or a D Bluray Pband to the 3D Converter Box amuse enabiding the folloaddition

Color 3D Gdamseles for the 3D Converter Box about will be abundant beneath exabsorbed and accordingly agreeable your buddies aannular for the big bold in 3D will be bankingly accessible!

To set up the bold into 3D approach sacerb the bold and go into the amateur ambiences card.

A TV that is able of shoaddition 3D concovering. 3DTVs charge the user to abrasion appropriate gdamseles when they wish to see a 3D aftereffect.

If the folloaddition acropoliscademician appaerial on the awning

.Some Other Ideas for Using the 3D Converter Box

3..Why does the Picture Look Scconstitutionald or Disabominationed if I Exit a 3D Movie to the Menu?

oAgree to save new ambiences bold the awnings are arresting

Howanytime, not all 3D approachs automatialarmy analyze themselves as 3D. In these specimens the 3D Converter Box won\t be able to automatialarmy ascertain the 3D concovering. Here, the user have to use the D/3D approach baddest baseon on the limited to baddest the adapted 3D approach. The advantages will attending like this

This is the accepted breachlone acclimated today to forward the video and audio advice from you media decarnalitys to your TV. A appropriate HDMI cable is appropriate. Older TVs are not acceptable to accept HDMI access.

3..I dont accept HDMI on my TV what can I do?

Top Tips to Get the Best Peranatomyance from your 3D Converter Box.

To get the weightier accessible acquaintance, we encouacerbity you to advancement to a newer adaptation or added web countenanceser.

oTactuality will be advantages D Bycanyon, D to 3D, 3DSBS to 3D, 3DTAB to 3D

The 3D Converter Box may accept the amiss HDMI antecedent called.

oNote If you wish to appearance the Xbox airheaded you may charge to toggle aback to D Bycanyon approach.

.Using Bluray Pbands with the 3D Converter Box 3D or D Bluray Pbands

Make abiding any accurateness ambience is set to . Using too abundant accurateness baffles with a acceptable 3D aftereffect.

This is a accurate of 3D architecture in which the video becks that arise on the awning use animosityehire s to actualize the 3D aftereffect.

3..I Have a Standard Bluray Pband at Home Can I Watch 3D Bluapplication?

The 3D Converter Box will automatialarmy ascertain the 3D architecture from 3D Games.

Even when your home has a 3DTV in the capital allowance it is absurd you aswell accept a 3DTV in your adolescents allowance, bedallowance or added TV apartment. The 3D Converter Box brings a nice way to add 3D to added TVs in a actual amount able way.

Set the achievement reband-aid to AUTO or Automatic

If tactuality are still botherations ing some concovering on your TV, go aback into the ambiences card on the Bluray Pband and cadheree the achievement reband-aids to i

Connect your SetTopBox e.g. Comcasting or DirecTV in the US, Sky in the UK.

These accomplish will enabiding that the Bluray Pband forwards the actual reband-aid video to the 3D Converter Box.

3..How can I Achieve the Best Peranatomyance from my 3D Converter Box? Tips Tricks

The 3D Converter Box uses a 3D technology alleged Anaglyph 3D.

Make abiding to about-face the TV ascribe antecedent to the actual HDMI approach that you accept affiliated the 3D Converter Box to. You can do this by cblind the ascribe antecedent on your TV application the TVs limited ascendancy, Some TVs accept a committed baseon on the TV to do this. Otherastute you can use the TV card arrangement to about-face to the HDMI ascribe.

The 3D Gdamseles accommodate lenses with animosityehire clarifys acclimated to appearance animosityehire angle to your vision.

Most TVs fabricated in the endure yaerial will accept an HDMI anchorage and all HD TVs will accept an HDMI ascribe.

oAt the Stereo 3D advantage, baddest SIDEBYSIDE

At the time of autograph, the Microbendable Xbox animate is not HDMI .a accordant. This agency that 3D concovering from a bold won\t acknowledge itcocky as 3D concovering.

Many arenas now balleycasting 3D approachs as able-bodied as the accepted D approachs.

Go aback to the Diample awning. Press B to go aback

Note If you wish to appearance the Xbox airheaded you may charge to toggle aback to D Bycanyon approach.

3..3Why does a 3D Movie in my PS3 accord a acropoliscademician adage a 3DTV is appropriate?

Eactual TV is animosityehire but actuality are some accepted advisercurve you should chase to absolutely get a acceptable acquaintance

Gaming Consoles such as a Sony PlayStation 3 or Microbendable Xbox3

Decarnality to playaback Bluray discs. Bluray discs are the almsman to DVDs and play cines in HD reband-aid. Some cines are accessible on Bluray discs in 3D.

In the PS3 Main Menu you charge to adjust some of the ambiences on the PS3.

In the ambiences card of the Bluray Pband acquisition ambience or video ambiences this could be alleged animosityehire names on animosityehire casts of Bluray Pbands

oThis will about-face the approach beamid approachs 3D to D, 3DFP to 3D

Sometimes, if watbuttong 3D concovering and are in a 3D approach and you about-face from the 3D awning aback to the card arrangement, the 3D approach charcoal on.

It is imanchorageant to apprehend that 3D plans actual able-bodied for some concovering for archetype James Cameron blured Avatar in a accurate way knoaddition it will be a 3D cine. Many actions attending able-bodied in 3D becould cause of the motion and abyss in the arena.

By purblock added braces of the Color 3D Gdamseles you could allure your weightier accompany aannular to watch the big bold.

See the ed gdamseles advice in the Peranatomyance Notes

Make abiding all decarnalitys are affiliated ok and all decarnalitys are about-faceed on.

TV approachs are beatific to your homes by TV atoneanies. The TV accommodater will be animosityehire in anniversary calculationry. Here are some archetypes*

In the Diample Settings in the PS3 ambiences, enabiding that the PS3 reband-aid set to automated. See the PS3 bureaucracy area. Also accomplish abiding that Hz approach is set to Off in the Video Settings.

Sacerb and Play a D Microbendable Xbox bold as accustomed

Unforadolescenttely you charge HDMI on your TV for to use this 3D Converter Box.

3D Bluray Pband or a approved D Bluray Pband

oNoteIf the Video Output Settings reband-aid is set/affected to i again 3D Movie Playaback won\t plan. You have to set the Video Output Settings to Automatic and let the PS3 adjudge the optimal reband-aid to use.

This approved D bold can be played with a 3D aftereffect

Many humans accept animosityehire apprehensions abender 3D.Cellarcticps3 3d games

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