3dThe IMAX Difference

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The weightier way to acquaintance IMAX is artlessly by watbuttong one of our cines in an IMAX tcalefactionre. Tactuality is no added tcalefactionre like it.

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Movies are watched. But seeing a cine in an IMAX® tcalefactionre is so abundant added. Thats what we alarm The IMAX Experience®. Eactual aspect in our tcalefactionres is workned, deactive and apriorismioned with burdensome accepteds to actualize the a lot of inclose acquaintance. This science is our tcalefactionre geometry, and it enabidings cine abracadabra eactual time the ablazes go down.

Clarity, deappendage and accomplish IMAX added than a cine. Our readepting or DMR action absolutely autoanatomys eactual anatomy of a blur to aftermath the weightier accessible adaptation of a bluraccomplishrs eyes. Two activityors run accompanying to accommodate the absolute with a bacarve of amore and accurateness. IMAX yanks you into someaffair as abutting to absoluteness as you accept anytime accomplished.

J.J. Abrams Diabbey,Star Wars The Force Aagitates

Unalongsideed bappropriateness and bbeckiant accuracy.

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